Dissy – find what’s hidden and free up disk space.

What is Dissy?

Dissy is a powerful disk space visualizer that helps you quickly find files and folders that take up the most disk space and, if necessary, delete them from your computer.

Even if your computer has a lot of free space, this does not mean that this space will be enough for you for a very long time, especially if you are an active user and store a lot of data on your machine.

Different services can offer you different solutions, such as buying an extra disk or cloud storage and more. But all of them are not free, and you will need to spend a lot of money for some storage extensions.

But we have a completely free solution for you that will analyze disk space on your computer and help get rid of unnecessary files that take up precious space.

Explore Dissy Features
Scan disk and folders
Find the largest files and folders
Important files
Find duplicates
Quick access to your favorite folders, drives and media
Cloud storage

Why you need Dissy?

<h3>Fast scan</h3>

Fast scan

Dissy will scan your disk and show the hard drive usage without taking much time.

<h3> Quick access to your favorite folders and media </h3>

Quick access to your favorite folders and media

If you want to keep an eye on certain folders at all times, you can mark them as favourite. This way you can always scan them separately instead of having to scan an entire disk.

<h3> Find the largest files and folders </h3>

Find the largest files and folders

Dissy has a feature that shows a list with the largest files and folders in the chosen directory.

<h3> Important files </h3>

Important files

If you do not want certain files or folders to be scanned, you can mark them as “Important” and the application will ignore them.

<h3> Versatile sorting options </h3>

Versatile sorting options

Using Dissy’s sorting options, you can see the biggest, smallest, oldest and newest files and folders in just a couple of clicks.

<h3> Cross-platform </h3>


One of the biggest advantages of Dissy is that it supports different operating systems. So you can choose what you need: Dissy for Windows, Dissy for Mac or Dissy for Linux.

<h3> Price </h3>


Some similar programs offer you the same features as Dissy. Why should you pay if you can use Dissy instead?

<h3> Work safety </h3>

Work safety

Dissy does not modify system files, which will allow you to avoid a situation where your computer may stop working and you will have to contact system recovery specialists, which will incur additional costs.

<h3> Find duplicates </h3>

Find duplicates

With Dissy, it’s easy to find duplicates in a specific folder or on an entire disk.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no need to pay, as a free version of the app is available for download.
Dissy is a cross-platform application that quickly scans your disks and helps free up space, no matter what OS you are using: Windows, Mac or Linux. It also has useful features such as finding the largest files and duplicates. Dissy has a fairly user-friendly interface and provides several color themes. This way you get a customizable application with various useful functions.
There is no trial version as the app is free.
Yes, you can use Dissy internally within your company. It is also possible to use the application for integration into projects that you implement for your customers.