Google Photos will end free unlimited storage

Google Photos will end free unlimited storage in June, 2021


From June 1, 20201, you will no longer be able to use Google Photos free unlimited storage, because Google has slightly changed its policy. This decision was announced back in November 2020. Some users, most likely, have already decided how they will act in this situation and how they will deal with the new Google Photos limit. But if you have not made your decision yet, then this article will help you understand the reason for these changes and offer several options on what to do next.
You may immediately have the question “Is Google Photos going away?” This is absolutely not the case. The service will continue to work as before, but with some changes, and the main one is free google photos going away.

What does it mean?

Now Google Photos offers you free unlimited storage for high-quality photos. This means that they are not in their original size, but in a compressed size. This option allows the service to store more photos, which will be more convenient and practical if the photos are smaller.
But since the first of June of this year, this option will no longer be available. You can still use Google Photos storage, but the terms and conditions will be different.
Google gives each user 15 GB of storage (for comparison, iCloud only gives 5 GB). We can answer “yes” to the question “Is Google Photos free?” and you should worry about anything as long as you don’t use the entire Google Photos storage limit.
You will receive warnings and alerts when you’ll be running out of space. When there is no more free space left, your files will not disappear or something like that. You just will not be able to upload new files.

As experience and statistics show, this space will be enough for most users for a very long time. But if you are an active user of Google Drive and especially Google Photos, then waiting for the space in your Google Photos storage to run out is not the best solution.
Check how much space is used and free, and also look at the personal estimate of how long it will take for your storage to be full.

Google Photos storage limit


Of course, you can use other services that provide cloud storage. For example, if you are an Apple user, then it makes sense to purchase additional iCloud storage.
If you own a Pixel, then we have good news for you. You will be able to upload high-quality photos on Google Photo for free even after June 1st. If you’re looking for a free solution to your problem, check out Flickr.
Using this service, you can upload up to 1000 media files. Just keep in mind that each photo can be no more than 200 MB, and each video can be no more than 1 GB. Flickr can also give you unlimited storage, but it costs $ 5.99 per month. As for me, it is better to purchase additional storage on Google, since there are cheaper plans and the ability to automatically upload photos from your device to Google Photos.
But if you are looking for a free solution specifically for Google Photos, you can increase the Google Photos limit by deleting photos you no longer need. Viewing each photo is rather inconvenient and time consuming. But here Google itself will come to help you. To quickly remove low-quality photos, you can use the new storage management tool. It will help you get rid of large photos and videos, blurry photos and dark photos.
increase the Google Photos

What is Google Photos storage pricing?

As we said above, there are different plans. Google Storage charge varies depending on the plan you choose. Now let’s talk more about Google Photos price and plans. Here you can see all plans:
Google Photos storage pricing
As you can see, Google Storage charge is not very high, but it can give you a lot of free space to store your data.
As a welcome addition, Google One provides additional benefits for every subscription. For example, if you purchase 100GB of extra space, then you will have extra Google Photos editing features. The higher Google Photos pricing, the more space and benefits it provides you with.
You can also purchase a one-year subscription right away. If you choose this option, then the Google Photos price will be lower.


As you can see, you can manually free up space from unnecessary photos for new ones or/and use other cloud storage. But do not forget about the option of purchasing additional space on Google, since in addition to extra space, you also get useful functions.

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