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Effective ways to‌ ‌free‌ ‌up‌ ‌space‌ ‌on‌ ‌an‌ ‌Android‌ ‌device‌

There comes a time when every mobile phone user enters the query “how to clear space on an android phone?” into the Google search request. Many programs are designed specifically for the cache (a specific place on your device to store data and information)of your device. But even such programs do not allow you to remove unnecessary phone data as much as possible. Let’s discuss the most effective methods for getting more space on android phones.

Remove cached maps

Modern mapping programs save maps for offline access. Such programs take up hundreds of megabytes or gigabytes of space. Do not forget about the need to delete this data to get more space on android phone. Go to Google Maps, open the “Downloaded areas” section, find the areas you don’t need, and click on the “Delete” button.

Clear cache on android

Many Android applications cache data. It saves time but takes up extra space on android. Cash slows down the device, so get rid of it after a while. If you don’t know how to free up space on android – clear the cache.

To do this, go to phone settings, Applications, Application Manager and click on the application cache. The application menu will open in front of you. Select storage and click Clear cache.

Delete saved playlists

Streaming services are gaining more and more popularity. With their help, there was no need to store music on your device. You can download the player application, choose one of the hundreds of playlists and listen to music. Another way how to clear the cache on android is to delete saved playlists. Almost all online music apps save the tracks you have listened to on your devices, in case you want to listen to them again. Such data consumes hundreds of megabytes of the device’s memory and should be cleaned from time to time.

Get rid of unnecessary media files

Smartphone cameras are getting more storage dataevery year. Because of this, media files take up more and more space in the phone’s memory. Sending videos and photos to one of the convenient cloud storage is helpful in clearing space on the android.

Remove downloads.

All files downloaded by the user are stored in the download folder. You used many of these files once and forget about them. These are exactly the files that need to be deleted. On your phone, open the My Files folder in the app drawer. Hold the file for a second, then the Trash bin icon will appear on the screen. Click on it to delete unnecessary files.

Transferring Apps to a microSD

If your Android has a clear cache, but there is still not enough memory, you need to transfer applications to the microSD card. Apps take up the most space on your mobile phone and if you have a microSD card to add storage, don’t forget about it. To do this, open Settings, Applications, Application Manager and select the application that you want to transfer to the memory card. Click on the “Move to SD Card” button. Sometimes we can’t transfer apps to a memory card, or can do it partially, but this will significantly increase the space on your android.

Delete browser cache

If you are actively surfing with an Android and do not know how to clear the cache in your browser, then the browser cache can grow to a significant size. Do not neglect this for clearing space on an Android. If you use Google Chrome, then go to “Personal information” and click “Clear history”.
clear cache on android

Remove some apps

To get even more free space, we advise you to clean internal storage on android by deleting applications that you never use on your mobile phone. To do this, go to “Settings”, “Storage”, “Applications”. Click the «i» icon next to the application name and uninstall it. You can get rid of those games that you haven’t started playing or that you have temporarily lost interest in.
site storage android


All these tips and tricks will help you free up space on an Android. We can use the free space for new applications, games, photos, and videos. It will also increase the speed of your device.

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