How to free up space on iphone


In the modern world, a large number of people use iPhones. These devices can always be with you and help store a large amount of information, whether it’s photos, videos, music, mobile apps, contacts, files and other types of data.

But, unfortunately, the memory in the iPhone is limited, and this does not allow us sometimes to perform the functions we need, and here the question arises “how to free up space on iPhone?”

In such situations, of course, you can resort to buying a new device, but it will naturally cost money.

So in this article we will look at ways to help you get rid of unnecessary files and find out how to add storage to iPhone.

Update your iOS

IOS 10.3 contains a new file storage system that allows you to get more free storage on iPhone. This method is suitable for users whose iPhone is using a version below this one. To get extra space on your phone, you need to update your iOS version.

Delete apps you no longer need

Various applications allow the iPhone to acquire more functionality, but not all programs on your phone may be necessary or useful.
It is likely that you have ever experienced a situation where you download an application to your phone but over time you do not need it and you forget about it.
We recommend that you look through your list of applications if your iPhone is out of storage and find apps that you have not used for a long time.

Additional options for mobile apps

Also, to reduce the space used by applications, you can clear their cache. Another thing you can do if your version of iOS is 13.6 or higher is to specify in the settings whether updates for the applications will be installed automatically.
As you can imagine, if you don’t allow the applications to automatically update themselves, this will prevent them from taking up more space.
Another option is to offload apps. All user information will be saved. If you reinstall this application from the AppStore, all data will be restored and you can use the application as before.

Turn off Photo Stream

The photostream feature allows you to have access to all your photos on all your devices. That is, all the photos that you took on the iPad and iPhone are stored in the memory of your phone.
Of course, these images are not the original, but reduced in size, but they are still present on your phone and take up memory.
You can turn off the Photo Stream function to free up space on iPhone.
This will lead to the fact that your device will not store photos from your other devices, but if you need this function, you can always turn it on at any time.

Don’t join Photo Streams

Another useful tip to free up storage on iPhone is not to join other Photo Streams. All the photos that other users share through the Photo Stream with you are also saved on your phone as well as photos from your other devices.
Especially if you are joined to several Photo Streams, shared photos can very quickly take up all your iPhone memory.
Just like in the previous case, you can always turn this function back on again if you need it.

Delete Messages

Another non-obvious reason why your iPhone is out of space is messages. Of course, you can view and Delete all unnecessary messages manually, but most likely it will take you a lot of time, especially if you have had your phone for a long time.
Therefore, the solution may be to delete old messages.
You will be able to delete messages older than a certain period, which you can specify yourself.

Delete attachments in messages

As we said, you can delete all old messages, but nevertheless, there is a possibility that among the old messages there may be some important information that should not be deleted.
By themselves, the messages on the iPhone do not take up very much space.
Much more of your precious space is used by various media attachments.
To remove large attachments and free up iPhone storage, follow these steps:

  1. Open “Settings”, go to “General” – “iPhone Storage”.
  2. Scroll down and find “Messages”, tap on it.
  3. There, find and tap on “Review Large Attachments”.
  4. You will see a list of photos and videos. To delete them, tap on “Edit”.

Use iTunes Match

If you use iTunes, then most likely there are a lot of songs saved on your phone. Usually a song doesn’t take up much space, but if there are a lot of songs, they will take up a lot of space.
The solution to this problem is iTunes Match.
This service allows you to store your music on the iCloud without taking up the physical memory of your iPhone.
Even if you delete a song from your device, you will always have access to it thanks to iTunes Match.

Don’t use iCloud Photo Library

If you are using iCloud Photo Library, then you should reconsider your decision. This library allows you to store all your videos and images at once on all your devices The way this service works is similar to photostream since you have access to all the photos and videos from your other devices, but to make it work the iCloud Photo Library stores all the media files on all your devices at the same time.

Just like in photostream, images and videos are not the original, but reduced in size, but nevertheless, if there are a lot of files, especially if there are a lot of videos, then the free storage on iPhone can quickly run out.


Delete original photo when using HDR

If you like to take photos on your iPhone, then most likely you know that it has an HDR mode.
This mode allows you to take richer and more contrasting photos.
The problem is that when your phone takes a photo in HDR mode, it can save not only the photo in HDR but also the original one without this mode.
That’s why we advise you to turn off the original photo saving function while using HDR mode to save space on your phone.
You can be absolutely sure that the photo in HDR mode will be better than the original, so do not be afraid to turn off saving the original photo.

Delete photos from photo-editing applications

Now there are quite a few applications that allow you to edit your photos right on your phone. But some of these applications can store original photos in their storage.
To fix this situation, you should look at what your photo editing applications store and delete what you no longer need to clear storage on iPhone.

Use other apps to take photos

If you urgently need to take a photo but the camera application does not allow you to do it due to lack of space, then we suggest you use other camera applications.
Some of such applications use different parts of the memory on the phone, so they allow you to take several photos without necessity to clear space on iPhone at that moment.

Delete iBooks you don’t read

Many people like to read books, but also a lot of people like to read electronic ones. E-books are undoubtedly convenient because you can always carry several books with you in just one device.
The iBooks service offers you a large number of different books, among which you will definitely find what you like.
But if you downloaded a lot of books and among them there are those that you have already read or that you plan to read later, then we advise you to delete them.
This does not mean that you will no longer be able to find these books because they will still be available in iCloud for download.
If you want to delete a certain book from one of your devices, you can delete a copy of it from the device you want to delete it from so that you don’t have to delete it from all the other devices you might be reading it on.

Change video resolution

If you are using your iPhone to shoot good quality videos then you should know that high definition videos take up a lot of space.
Well, if you rarely shoot video or if high quality is not that important to you then you can change the video quality to a lower one Experiment and choose the resolution that suits you best.
The lower the video quality, the less space it takes up on your device. But if at some point you need to record a video of good quality, you can always go to the settings and change the video quality parameters.

Look through your notes

Clearing notes on the iPhone will help free up iPhone storage.
Just like messages, notes do not take much space, but attachments can be quite large and they can deprive you of free space.
If you often take notes, especially with attachments, try looking through them and delete the ones you don’t need anymore.

Delete similar photos

If you like to take many different photos, then it makes sense to look through your Camera Roll. Sometimes we can take many similar photos to choose the best one. This also applies to burst mode.
When you use this mode, many almost identical photos appear on your phone.
If you do not immediately delete all the photos that you did not like, then we suggest you do it now. Also look through your screenshots.
Most likely there are some that you may not need anymore, but they are still taking up space on your device.

Compress files

Another useful feature that will help you clear storage on iPhone is the compression function.
It allows you to reduce the size of files and folders. But don’t forget that if you want to return the compressed object back to its original size then you need to have enough free space on your device.

Fast Download in Apple TV+

If you have a subscription to Apple TV+ you can download movies through the Apple TV app to watch them without an internet connection. Well, as you understand, in order to watch movies without an Internet connection, you need to save them on your device. Usually movies take up a lot of space, but this situation can be fixed a little bit.
If you decide to download a movie to your device then you should choose fast download, which allows you to download movies in a lower quality and therefore take up less memory on your device.
But don’t be afraid that the movie will be in very poor quality because usually on the small screen, even movies in low resolution still look good enough.


So, we’ve looked at quite a few methods on how to get more storage on iPhone. You can use all of them or just a few of the methods that you like best, but rest assured that they will help you clear space on iPhone.

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