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Keeping track of free space on your computer is quite important, since a lack of free space can lead to system malfunctions or overtake you at the most inopportune moment when you need to save some file on your computer, but there is no more free space on it.
disk space tool
Cloud storage allows us to store all the files we need on all devices at once. This is very convenient because you can open one file on any device, change it, and immediately see the changes on the other devices. But most cloud storages are not infinite and you can use all the free space on them. Of course, you can buy additional storage, but that does not mean it will be inexpensive. A great way to get more free space is to delete old and unnecessary files. If you manually look through each folder and file, it will take a long time. But we have a solution with which you can quickly and easily clean your Google Drive of unnecessary files and get more free space at absolutely no cost. Dissy fully supports Google Drive and will help you find and remove unnecessary files through the application interface.